Protect your business premises against unauthorised access with our boarding up service in London

We’ll safeguard your commercial property against acts of vandalism and break-ins by securely boarding up all windows and doors!

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Reliable boarding up service for temporary or permanent property protection in London

  • Improved property security against break-in attempts Amid rising incidences of burglaries and acts of vandalism, step up the security of your business property if you’ve had to close it down. We offer permanent and temporary boarding up solutions, which will deter any opportunistic and unauthorised entry attempts. We work with fully-equipped technicians, who will provide all the materials to secure your commercial property. They deliver the service with full PPE gear and follow all current health and safety recommendations.
  • Suitable for any property and business We can board up all entry points and windows (up to 4m high) of various non-residential types of properties, be it a shop, pub, hotel, B&B, beauty salon and so on. By blocking easy access to your premises, you can reduce the risk of break-ins or entry attempts by squatters. This is especially valid for businesses, which have already suffered from unauthorised entry or vandalism, as a damaged door or broken front-store window can only add to the vulnerability of your property.
  • Complete and flexible solutions Fantastic Services offers also professional locksmith and door replacement/installation services if you need to boost the security of your business premises. The Fantastic door and window specialists work on an hourly basis and can assist any type of business owner with their property protection needs. All door lock supplies meet the BS3621 standard, so rest assured that your place of business will be safeguarded with high-quality results.
  • Free video surveys, upon request We offer a free video survey prior to the boarding up service, in order to minimise unnecessary contact with our customers. During a convenient video call, we can discuss with you exactly what needs to be done and this way, provide you with a price estimate for the service in a space of a few minutes. We believe that amid the COVID-19 crisis, a video job survey is the safest approach before delivering our services, as this will protect further our customers.
Boarded up store front

What you can expect from our doors and windows boarding up service in London

During the current lockdown situation in the UK and across the globe, more and more closed-down retailers, food and hospitality businesses, as well as public buildings are at risk of break-ins and acts of vandalism. Fantastic Services is here to help by offering reliable boarding up services, designed to scale up the security of your property in London, within the M25 zone.

Note that our windows and doors boarding up solutions come with a short-term or in other words, a nonpermanent access point in the form of a door, made out of sheet material, with a secure, quality lock.

Storefront and window boarding up

Regardless of whether you require the boarding up of a broken storefront window or a number of intact windows of another type of business premises, we can assist you promptly and efficiently.

The fully-equipped and insured technicians will bring the materials to board up the window glass panels, in most cases, temporarily, in order to prevent potential break-ins. We can board up windows, which are up to 4m high without causing any damage to the window frames.

The result will be not only improved security for your place of business but also restricted visibility, with respect to any valuables or goods inside the premises being easily spotted by possible lawbreakers. Why tempt those to gain unauthorised entry to your property, in order to steal, when you can conceal your stock and possessions that are presently in full view?

Secure door boarding up

We can also board up front, back and emergency exit doors with high-quality wooden boards that will enhance the safety of your business property. Again, we will make sure that a temporary door with a sturdy and secure lock has been fitted so that you can still access the premises if needs be.

Our door boarding up solutions can save the day and help you avoid unnecessary stress and additional financial loss should anyone attempt to break in. By protecting your place of business now, you will ensure that everything inside is still intact and safe when you resume your business operations in the future.

Commercial building with boarded up front door

How the boarding up service works

It takes just a few simple steps to benefit from the results of our professional boarding up solutions in London:

  • Call us to arrange a video survey for a time that is convenient to you. Describe your needs by sharing with us what you want boarding up and a few details, regarding position, height and size.
  • The experienced handymen will arrive on the appointed day. They will bring all the tools and materials for the job at hand and complete the services expertly and safely.
  • Enjoy the improved security of your property. Your fresh-boarded-up property will deter any type of foul play that otherwise has become a commonplace in the capital in these times of uncertainty and economic “shut-down”.

Of course, our boarding up services are suitable for residential buildings, as well. So, if you are a multi-property owner of long-term uninhabited or temporarily empty residential places for rent, for instance, you can benefit from our boarding up service, too.

Other security property solutions for your peace of mind

Fantastic Services is a multi-service property maintenance provider that offers complete door and window installation, replacement and repair solutions, as well as professional locksmith services for your commercial property. Check out below what property security assistance you can take advantage of, apart from our specialised boarding up service:

Businesses that trust our services

  • Property management
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Food services
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Public sector
  • Other

In these hard times, we strive to provide a wide range of services tailored according to the specific needs of your business. Our main goal is to help companies and business take care of their properties in the best possible way. Contact us

Step up the protection of your business property with our boarding up service now!

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