Professional antibacterial painting services in London with medical-grade antimicrobial products

Protect your staff and customers by renovating your business premises with an antibacterial, anti-spore and potentially antiviral lab-tested paint!

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Step up your employees and clients’ safety with our proven antimicrobial painting solutions

  • CERTIFIED antibacterial and mould-resistant paints and hygiene coatings We work with a range of antimicrobial and antifungal painting products of various colours and all types of finishes, which meet the ISO 22196 standard. They have been lab-tested and proven to kill and deter the growth of a number of bacteria, viruses and fungi, including Shigella SP, E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, S. aureus, MRSA and more.
  • Suitable for commercial and public-sector facilities Our bacteria-resistant, anti-condensation and potentially antiviral surface treatment is ideal for all types of facilities, where maintaining a high level of hygiene is a must or that are dealing with customers and visitors on a daily basis. The painting products used are suitable for applying on walls, ceilings, woodwork, metal, as well as on various exterior surfaces. They have dampness control properties and facilitate regular cleaning maintenance efforts. Perfect solution for offices, commercial kitchens, small businesses, schools, nurseries and more.
  • A range of colours and finishes The antibacterial painting products we use, not only have strong biocidal properties but also come in various colours, shades and finishes. This means that you don’t have to compromise your vision and preferences, regarding aesthetics and look, in order to ensure that your business property becomes a healthier and safer place for your staff and customers.
  • FREE video survey - our safe approach to give you the best estimate during the pandemic We offer free video surveys prior to our antimicrobial painting services, which are designed to minimise contact amid the present COVID-19 situation and also, to give you a more precise price- and time-duration estimate for your specialised property renovation project. Through a time-saving and convenient video call, we’ll be able to evaluate the workload involved and the quantity of paint needed for the job.
  • Fully-trained and qualified technicians Performed by experienced and insured painters, who follow strictly the product manufacturer’s application instructions. We guarantee the quality of our workmanship by closely monitoring the service execution and its compliance with our quality procedures and standards. Due to the current health crisis, all technicians wear PPE (personal protection equipment) and follow strictly all recommended personal disinfection practices.
  • Full Greater London coverage and availability Our antimicrobial painting and hygiene coating services are available in London, within the M25 zone during and outside business hours. Furthermore, you can benefit from our specialised antibacterial renovation treatment even if your business or public-facility falls under the current business activity restrictions. This way, you will ensure that you return to a safer work environment when those are lifted in the near future.
Application of long-lasting hygiene coating in a London's office
Application of a long-lasting hygiene coating in a London's office

Why choose our antibacterial painting and coating services for your business

COVID-19 has posed unimaginable challenges to people, businesses, public-sector service providers and life as we know it. We, at Fantastic Services, are determined to do whatever we can to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of our customers by offering a range of services that have been specially developed to step up protection and reduce pathogen transmission and cross-contamination at home and at the workplace.

By taking advantage of our antimicrobial painting and hygiene coating treatment for your business property, you will provide a safer and healthier environment for your staff, clients and partners now and/or in the future (once you resume your business activity).

High-performing, medical-grade painting solutions

We use various types of antibacterial painting and coating products (solvents, water- and oil-based paints in different finishes, epoxy resin coatings, etc.), which can kill the growth of bacteria within 24 hours. Most of the biocidal paints are developed with the use of silver ion technology for maximum efficacy.

The specialised painting treatment is also proven to combat condensation and thus, it is effective against mould spore development and fungal growth. Its long-lasting antimicrobial effect makes hygienic maintenance much easier, as you won’t have to worry about eliminating harmful microorganisms from any treated surfaces or deal with the removal of mould and mildew. The products used are also extremely durable and can meet your budget and colour preference.

Specialist ANTIBACTERIAL painting services for commercial and industrial properties
Specialist antibacterial painting services for commercial and industrial properties

Specialised hygiene painting services for any type of business

We serve customers operating in various industry sectors. Moreover, you can book our antibacterial painting services, regardless of whether you are open for business at present or you are temporarily closed. We can deliver high-standard results, no matter the scope of the job or the type of business you run or manage.

Here is an example of the type of non-residential properties that can benefit from the service:

  • Office buildings
  • Hotels, hostels, B&Bs and short lets
  • Pubs, bars, restaurants, takeaways and cafes
  • Supermarkets and any small retailers
  • Leisure and fitness centres
  • Nail salons and hairdressers
  • Health care facilities and retirement homes
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Pet shops and vet practices
  • Community centres and clubs
  • Government facilities and offices
  • Laundrettes and dry cleaners

Of course, our antibacterial and anti-mould painting solutions are applicable to other businesses and industries. Now you can book antibacterial interior painting service for your residential property as well.

How do we execute the antimicrobial painting and coating service?

The service is delivered by fully qualified and insured painters, who wear quality PPE and follow all safety recommendations, issued by the government. They are equipped with everything needed for the job and closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions for product application.

Here’s how the service works:

  • Call today and schedule a free video survey for a time that is convenient for you. Normally, we send a painting specialist to perform a job survey on-site. However, in the current social-distancing circumstances, we make every effort to minimise avoidable contact with our clients. Just share your requirements, surface size and specifications, regarding the colour and type of paint you want over a time-saving video call. You can count on our professional advice and expert recommendations if you’re unsure about what kind of antimicrobial painting product will best suit your property, with respect to the industry you operate in.
  • Preparation work. On the day of your appointment, the painters will first proceed with all the required surface preparation work, whether it involves patching, sanding, touch-ups, hygiene primer application and so on. Also, rest assured that all surrounding surfaces and fixtures, as well as the floor, will be covered and protected against splashes, dust and debris generated in the work process.
  • Seamless antibacterial paint application. Once, the preparation work has been completed, the painters will get on with applying the paint of your choice by following the application instructions, in terms of the number of coats needed and the drying time between coats. You can count on a durable finish and enhanced antimicrobial protection as an end result.
RSPH-accredited technician while dispersing a virucidal solution
RSPH-accredited technician while dispersing a virucidal solution

What other services we offer to safeguard your staff and clients

In the mutual effort by all of us today to prevent infection and germ transmission at home and at the workplace, we couldn’t be more proud that Fantastic Services provides a range of disinfection and sanitisation services, as well as professional pest removal solutions, which are now more needed than ever.

Take advantage of the following services to improve and maintain the safety of your facility:

Get in touch to share your business cleaning, disinfection or pest control needs with us and we’ll assist you promptly with high-standard results!

Businesses that trust our services

  • Property management
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Food services
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Public sector
  • Other

During these uncertain times we continue to offer a wide range of specialized solutions. We're developing and launching new services, as well. We do everything we can to help companies and businesses take a proper care of their customers and staff. Contact us

Boost your property’s safety with our effective antibacterial painting service!

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